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Goa Is A Food Paradise That Everyone Must Visit

goan dishes

Goan dishes | Image Resource : ndtv.com

Goa is one of the most beautiful sea beach tourist spot in India. The life in goa is equally entertaining and happening. The place is known for the wild beach parties and lifestyle but apart from that, the authentic food of goa is another reason why the place is so popular. If you are visiting goa then you must try the local cuisines. Some of the restaurants serve really high quality food and authentic goan dishes which are delicacies mainly based on sea food and fishes of different types. Here we are going to list some of the best places to dine in and savor on authentic goa food.

Ibis style

Located at calangute the ibis style has a major dinner buffets whose main focus is to bring out the best from the authentic goa dishes. You can savor on the various goan delicacies here at reasonable prices.


goa food

Goa food | Image Resource : blog.thomascook.in

The beach side shacks

There are several beach side small shacks at goa where you can find really cheap and really delicious goa food. They are set up by the locals of the town and they know the right dishes of the city. The prices for the food are nominal and yet the taste and quality is superior. Though you may not like the shabbiness of these roadside shacks, do not go by the exterior appearance since they have some of the best food that you can get in goa.


This is another place noted for their themed dining experience. You can enjoy couple enjoyment options on bollywood night or get the stag entry for it. The restaurant is located at vaddo baga and they have variety of goa food cuisines which you can try out. If you want hard drinks of any kind, the place have an adjacent bar too which you can opt for.

Meraden la oasis

Located in the Anjuna region of goa, this restaurant have quality food that is worth the price range. This is noted as a pocket friendly food joint which has good food, great ambience and overall beautiful atmosphere. This is perfect for couples as well as for families. They are open at usual hours and you must try their food when you come to goa.

Crown casino

This place is located in the crown goa region and another budget option for the tourists. You can have various types of combo meals here which are cheap and very delicious as well. The combo meal deals are available from Monday to Thursday and rest assured that you would love the ambience and the food too. The staffs are hospitable and the place has valet parking option as well which make your experience even better.

A truly hospitable city always prides in its cuisine. Goa has remained a popular tourist location for the past many decades. That is why it has amazing dishes and delicacies that it offers its visitors in a colorful food palette. Take time to relish these foods the next time you visit Goa.