Summer Is The Best Time To Enjoy Paragliding and Parasailing in Bangalore

Parasailing and Paragliding in Bangalore
Parasailing and Paragliding in Bangalore

Are you fond of adventure sports? If you really do, then you are likely to look for opportunities where you can enjoy yourself to the fullest. Parasailing and paragliding are two types of adventure sports which in their own ways help people to get over their tensions and worries. Jakkur Air Field offers visitors with a wide range of facilities to have the best quality of experience in paragliding and parasailing in Bangalore. Some of the details of the amenities which are available here are mentioned below for your reference:-

What is paragliding and parasailing?

Paragliding is a recreational sport. The paraglider makes use of a free-flying and a foot-launched aircraft. Paragliders can stay aloft over a period of more than 3 hours or more. While paragliding, you can climb up to an elevation of 15000 and even go cross-country over large distances. In order to stay safe during paragliding, you will need to opt for a high cliff.

Make sure that you don’t take off when winds are blowing at more than 15m/hour unless you are well trained. Avoid flying in winds of 25 to 30 mph or in wet conditions. This is because the wing will soak up moisture within a short time span and an uncontrollable decent will take place.

Parasailing in contrast is a recreational activity on a boat in which a person gets towed behind a boat. The performer is tied to a specially designed parachute which is known as parasail. As a safety measure, you will need to avoid parasailing in winds which can exceed 50 mph. All people who take part in parasailing will have to wear life jackets in order to make sure that they do not drown. The use of helmets will offer protection from head injuries.

Solo parasailing in Jakkur

Solo parasailing in Jakkur
Solo Parasailing in Jakkur

Take a day off from your straining schedule and embark on an exciting session of parasailing. This parasailing activity is meant not just for experienced people but for beginners as well. Before you start off, you will be briefed by the instructor regarding the activity. The organizers will make sure that you stay safe while performing parasailing.

The time period for the activity includes briefing done by instructors, the strapping on and off of the safety harness you will be using and the flying time. The normal time period for flying can get reduced due to bad weather or some type of technical glitch. You won’t be offered with a refund under this type of circumstances. The cost of reservation for an individual is Rs 625.

Tandem parasailing

Tandem Parasailing
Tandem Parasailing

This type of parasailing experience is best suited for young couples. It can be performed by beginners also using the safety and equipment which are offered by the organizers. The ride duration includes the ride as well as instructions. You will be offered with an arm guard, helmet and knee guard as a part of your protective equipment. You will be offered with safety suggestions by an instructor. The cost of reservation for a single person is Rs 625.


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