Time to Enjoy 7d Shows in Bangalore


Bangalore | Image source: youtube.com

Bangalore is highly revered as the tech hub of the country. Home to leading IT companies such as Infosys and Wipro, the city attracts some of the leading minds in the country to come and settle there. But living in Bangalore has its own share of challenges. The ever rising population, long traffic queues and infrastructure related problems are major issues which are commonly faced by people from all walks of life who are residing in the city. The hectic schedule of Bangaloreans often makes them look for ways for entertainment.

Over the last couple of years 7D and 9D shows have gained considerable popularity among people residing in the city. Here we will discuss about what 7D and 9D cinema exactly is and some of the best places in Bangalore where you can see this type of cinema:-

What is 7D cinema?

7D cinema offers the newest technology available with Virtual Reality. What is unique about this type of movie is that you will get the opportunity to be a part of it. You will feel what you will be seeing as the whole Simulator Platform moves as per the events taking place on the screen. You will watching the happenings on the screen using 3D interactive glasses.

What is 9D cinema?

9D cinema are those of exciting 3D animated movies which are based on sound, and has ‘’active motion’’ luxury seats. While seeing such a movie, you will get to see dramatic effects such as fog, wind, snow, rain, lightening, touch, feel etc. This will make your film viewing experience a unique one.

Modern Amusements


7d shows in Bangalore

Modern Amusements is a famous 7D theater which plays unique 15-20 minute long animated movies of different themes. As a viewer, you will also sit on a specially designed seat and offered with 3D glasses. Each of these seats have the capacity of having 3 degrees of freedom motion and are linked with the onscreen activity. This will enable viewers to be part of the ongoing film. The cost of 7d shows in Bangalore at this theatre for each person is Rs 150.

You can also visit the Nagwara Elements Mall branch of this theatre to have a memorable experience of watching 7D films. You will get to see virtual reality show with unique 3D visual effects which are shown while your seat moves. The effects of snow, rain, thunder and wind will make your experience truly worth recounting to others. Therefore, you will get to be a part of an activity where there is a unique synthesis between technology and creativity.

VR Voyage

VR Voyage offers visitors with a virtual reality roller coaster rides and a 7D cinema. 7D Voyage is the latest 7D simulator in the city and offers ultramodern technology in virtual reality to visitors. Armed with a new way of presenting cinema in a unique manner, it gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy each twist in a movie’s plot with 7D special effects and go back to their homes thrilled with excitement. The cost of reservation for a single individual here is Rs 170.

7D Voyage

At present, this is the most ultramodern 7D simulator within the Garden City and offers visitors with a feel of virtual reality. Based in Bellandur, it offers viewers with the scope to view movies in an exciting, new manner. The use of special effects will enable you to enjoy a short ride while remain buckled on the enhanced simulator. On the 7D Voyage, you will feel as if you are the part and parcel of the film which you viewed.


Know More About History By Visiting These Places In Mysore

Very few people know about the real history of Mysore and its relationship with the power. The city is the example of the great history of the country, which is preserved in the best possible manner. The history of the city goes back to 14 century so as the architecture present here.

Mysore Palace

Visiting Mysore and not exploring the grounds of Mysore palace is missing the essence of this place. The palace is known as the largest in the country with loads to view and explore along with the great history attached to it. The palace is the epitome of beauty with intricate carvings and a ride on camel inside the grounds. At the time of Dasara festival the palace comes alive in more than one way and show the real beauty hidden in it.

Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

Chamundi Hills

As the name suggest the hill is home to the beautiful temple of Chamundi devi. This was built in 11th century and renovated for the purpose of tourism. The temple is one of the best places to visit in Mysore. People from all over the country visit the temple since years. It is believed that the Goddess Chamundeshwari often called as Chamundi killed the king of demons, Mahishasura on these grounds and the temple is dedicated to her.

Places To Visit In Mysore

Places To Visit In Mysore | Image Resource : tourmyindiapvtlt.netdna-ssl.com

Mysore Zoo

It’s true that Mysore has a zoo, which has seen some better days but still has kept its glory wrapped in the beloved arms of the nature. The zoo also has a small island with a place for different species of birds and the rare white peacock is also found in the area with colourful ducks and what not. The grounds are covered with numerous trees and an artificial lake where one can go boating to explore the grounds more efficiently. It has an artificial lake and an artificial island too.

Brindavan Gardens

Last but not the least is the Brindavan gardens, which hold the maximum attraction of the city. The garden was completed in the year of 1932. As many as 2 million tourists visit these gardens every year. The garden has a layout in Mughal fashion in order to compete with the Shalimar garden of Kashmir.

Brindavan Gardens

Brindavan Gardens | Image Resource : mouthshut.com

Best time to enjoy go karting in Whitefield’s

Bangalore is one of the top cities to live in as per the choice of a number of people across the country. There are so many different urban facilities that you can enjoy during your stay here and also many places to visit. The city of Bangalore is not only noted for the different places which you can visit in and around the city but also because of the experiences that you earn from here. One of the most thrilling activities which you can enjoy in Bangalore is go karting. There are different places for enjoying go karting in this city alone and Whitefield’s is one of the best among them which you can opt for.

Why you will love it?

If you enjoy driving and do so fast, then this is the best game ever that you can play. The go karting experience would definitely bring out your competitive side very well while you play the game. Despite the highly competitive gaming environment, the safety and security is maintained well and is the priority of the authorities who administer the place. The vehicles are very simple and easy to maneuver and hence turning at the various bends is easy as well. You would be provided with a helmet, kart and knee cap before you start the ride.

About go karting


Go karting Whitefield

A small, four wheeled vehicle that is powered with a high performance engine, the go karts are going to give you the experience of car racing on the tracks in a very safe and secure environment. Those who are into sports and love to test their limits would surely enjoy this adventure sports. Test your driving skills against the high speed environment of the tracks and have fun with your friends and family the entire day at the go karting Whitefield.

The best time to visit

The place is open throughout the week and you can visit the place anytime. Until and unless it is raining, any time is safe and good for go karting. The racing game is available to you round the year and hence you can play it any time.

The next time you visit Bangalore, you would definitely wish to experience go karting as well. Visit the Whitefield’s and enjoy the sports alone or with friends. The fees and charges for the game are 250 rupees per head but are totally worth the money you are paying.

Pocket Friendly Accommodations at Boutique Hotels in Goa

Goa Sea Beach

Goa Sea Beach | Image Resource : cf.cdn.unwto.org

Goa still has the Spanish charm and one of the most happening beach holiday spot in the country. The beauty of the beach town makes it one of the top choices for holiday tours among people. Easy to commute and has every commodity essential for a perfect holiday, the Goa Sea Beach have quality hotels where you can reside. There are boutique hotels as well. You may wonder about the expenses these places incur for every visit but we are going to provide you with options within your budget. Following are some of the top boutique hotels which are noted for their quality maintenance as well as for the budget that they have.

Heritage Panjim Pousada, Panjim

The hotel is located in the Latin quarter of Panjim right amidst the bustle of the Fontainhas. The restaurant here still serves country Portuguese food and the bands here still plays Fadosas and elderly dance. The colonial architecture and the old-world charm of the place and the location altogether make this a wonderful choice for the visitors. The rates of the place are not very high and hence you can easily fit it into your budget.

Fort girasol

This is located at the northern most tip of Goa and is a Portuguese fort that has been turned into a boutique hotel. The fort is on top of the cliff overlooking the sea and the Tiracol Estuary. There are seven rooms in the fort and they have been named after the days in the week. You can enjoy al-fresco dining right at the balcony adjacent to your room. There is cascading bougainvillea all over the white washed walls and in short, the place looks like it has come right out of a picture postcard. For the swimmers, you have the beach almost all by yourself from here and it is perfect for a leisurely swimming plan.

Casa palacio siolim house

This palatial mansion is over 330 years old and a heritage boutique hotel now. This is the home of the governor of Macau and one of the last examples of the manor house in the region. The hotel has just seven suites and can guarantee perfect solitude to you. enjoy the goan cooking offered at this hotel and you can even select what you want for lunch and dinner from the local market and take it directly to the pan and the cooks would make what you wish for. You also have the option to take a cruise down the Chapora river from her and attend the yoga classes conducted at the boutique hotel.

The Sofala

The ambience of the boutique hotel makes it a perfect choice for those who prefer to go by the ambience rather than the heritage associated with the place. Unlike the other places mentioned this is not a vintage boutique hotel but place is a blend of local décor along with the Portuguese aesthetics. Right amidst the paddy fields, this is the perfect choice along the Sinquimm river if you are looking for boutique hotels in Goa.

Boutique Hotels In Goa

Boutique Hotels In Goa | Image Resource : outlooktraveller.com

Reasons To Choose Boutique Hotels

In the past, people believed in residing in Victorian Hotels with magnificent décor and large rooms. The fact is that these do not let you feel at home and you become extremely conscious. Boutique hotels are pocket-friendly and quite as per the common man’s tastes. These make him feel quite at home. They can enjoy the cozy ambiance with their close friends or loved ones while not losing out on a lot of money. That is why most people today opt for such hotels.


Goa Is A Food Paradise That Everyone Must Visit

goan dishes

Goan dishes | Image Resource : ndtv.com

Goa is one of the most beautiful sea beach tourist spot in India. The life in goa is equally entertaining and happening. The place is known for the wild beach parties and lifestyle but apart from that, the authentic food of goa is another reason why the place is so popular. If you are visiting goa then you must try the local cuisines. Some of the restaurants serve really high quality food and authentic goan dishes which are delicacies mainly based on sea food and fishes of different types. Here we are going to list some of the best places to dine in and savor on authentic goa food.

Ibis style

Located at calangute the ibis style has a major dinner buffets whose main focus is to bring out the best from the authentic goa dishes. You can savor on the various goan delicacies here at reasonable prices.


goa food

Goa food | Image Resource : blog.thomascook.in

The beach side shacks

There are several beach side small shacks at goa where you can find really cheap and really delicious goa food. They are set up by the locals of the town and they know the right dishes of the city. The prices for the food are nominal and yet the taste and quality is superior. Though you may not like the shabbiness of these roadside shacks, do not go by the exterior appearance since they have some of the best food that you can get in goa.


This is another place noted for their themed dining experience. You can enjoy couple enjoyment options on bollywood night or get the stag entry for it. The restaurant is located at vaddo baga and they have variety of goa food cuisines which you can try out. If you want hard drinks of any kind, the place have an adjacent bar too which you can opt for.

Meraden la oasis

Located in the Anjuna region of goa, this restaurant have quality food that is worth the price range. This is noted as a pocket friendly food joint which has good food, great ambience and overall beautiful atmosphere. This is perfect for couples as well as for families. They are open at usual hours and you must try their food when you come to goa.

Crown casino

This place is located in the crown goa region and another budget option for the tourists. You can have various types of combo meals here which are cheap and very delicious as well. The combo meal deals are available from Monday to Thursday and rest assured that you would love the ambience and the food too. The staffs are hospitable and the place has valet parking option as well which make your experience even better.

A truly hospitable city always prides in its cuisine. Goa has remained a popular tourist location for the past many decades. That is why it has amazing dishes and delicacies that it offers its visitors in a colorful food palette. Take time to relish these foods the next time you visit Goa.


Places to Visit In Chandigarh: Attractions That Never Fails!

Needless to say that an amazingly beautiful and well planned city in India that is cosmopolitan in culture is Chandigarh. The city beautifully divided into sectors with plenty of space for pedestrians and trails for cycling; abundant with parks and straggling gardens is a city with multiple entertainment options and places to rejuvenate.

Chandigarh attractions

Located right at the foot hills of Shivalik, Chandigarh’s natural beauty is further enhanced by the exceptional and magnificent monuments like the Capitol Complex, Martyr’s Memorial, Tower of Shadows and Fort Nalagarh are a must see for any tourist.

Fort Nalagarh

Fort Nalagarh | Image Resource : nalagarh.in

Most popular gardens of Chandigarh like Rajendra Park, Bougainvillea Park, Topiary Park and Rock Garden are a feast to the eyes with their exceptional collections of flora and artistry. They also offer ample space for relaxation and recreational activities like jogging and walking. Besides these top attractions the Places To Visit In Chandigarh include temples, Gurudwara, Lakes and Zoo, Museums and Wildlife.

Buy loads of satisfying purchases at Chandigarh

When you have ample time in Chandigarh after sightseeing one of the best options is to browse the sectors in Chandigarh popular for shopping. From open street shopping with plenty of stores showcasing fashionable apparels to artistic handicrafts to high-end malls with top brands along with amazing food joints, Chandigarh invites you to an enthralling shopping experience.


Chandigarh | Image Resource : ytimg.com

Places for shopping in Chandigarh cannot be ruled out as one of the major attractions of the city. Sector 17 and Sector 22 are the famous haunts for both the locals and the tourists.

Sector17: An upscale shopping option with all popular brands like Levi’s, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci, nautical, Puma etc and other top brands with food joints to gorge on the elaborate lip smacking menus and entertainment all under one roof is the City Center Mall.

Sector 22: This sector is a non-congested open air environment to shop freely. It is the street shopper’s favorite that tempts you with pick me up merchandise. From fashionable, trendy and ethnic apparels to attractive fancy jewelry and gift items you can buy anything here. Pulkahri work products, Punjabi dupattas, juttis, woolen garments and handlooms and artifacts are some of the items that can be bought from here by tourists.




Don’t Miss Out On These Fun Things To Do In Bangalore!

Bangalore is one of the vibrant cities, completely of exciting stuffs to do. Bangloreans like to step out and enjoy all types of events – be it music, theatre or also flea markets. If you have determined to tighten your wallet strings and are thinking what you can do on a restricted budget, then in this piece of write up, let us check out some of the exciting as well as fun things to do in Bangalore.

Fun things to do in Bangalore | Image Resource: kidsstoppress.com

All about Bangalore treats to people around India

From exciting activities for adventure freak to gastronomical treat to food enthusiasts and a center for wellness lovers, Bengaluru is the destination for it all:

1. Go karting

For all go karting lovers, experience the excitement of speed that comes with riding a light motor vehicle. Well, the exhilaration enjoyed during this ride is not something that you can sense elsewhere.

Go karting

2. Golf sessions

If you are a golf fan or would like to give a try at it, then golfing is the ideal manner to spend your free span. With several pristine and swanky golf courts in Bengaluru, you can effortlessly locate a tutor and learn the fundamentals of golf.

3. Paintball

It’s a fun activity when played with a team of people. Hence if you and your buddies are up for a gaming event then paintball is just what you want. Bring the warrior out in you on battleground with instrument, clothes and guns in a cameo such a war film.

4. Chopper ride

Here is a 15 minute chopper ride that’s certain to blow your head. Take off and soar exclusively with your family and friends and experience the globe from up and above.

5. Water rafting and kayaking

Take up a Kayaking course along the wild water of Karnataka’s Kaveri River. What is ever better; conclude your end with campfire on river bedside.

6. Paramotor joy ride

Get enthralled with the sight of lands below as you take off and soar to a height of 4000 feet above the ground. Relish an unparalled experience of soaring such as bird with the Paramotor joy rise session in Bengaluru.

7. Avail your caricature done

Select your style and avail yourself or your beloved one caricatured in Bengaluru. This experience will be indeed etched in your mind forever.

8. Hot air balloon ride

Flying high into sky and seeing the land from atop is an amazing experience. This hot breeze balloon tour is apt for couples that are scouting for some less dangerous manners to have an exciting period of a lifespan.

Hot air balloon ride | Image Resource: exoticindiaescapes.com

9. Wine therapy or Vinotherapy

Say goodbye to tension and say Hi to some wine! Do more than that of just drink; utilize it as a healthy choice to flight off indications of aging with Vinotherapy spa in Bengaluru.

10. Sunday brunch

“Nothing gets folks together like good cuisine” whoever stated this sentence certain did know how to relish a good meal with buddies. Bengaluru provides some of the finest brunch choices to fulfill all of your savor buds. From pizza parties to champagne sessions, bar bounty to live stations, and exotic delicacies – indeed brunch covers it all. There is no better manner to wind up your week and begin the latest one on a fresh note. Good appétit!

So visit Bangalore with family or friends and have a good time!